The operational structure of a firm is critical to its success.  We are experienced in staffing ratios, HR operations, team building, and training.  More...


We have extensive experience in improving firm profitability, including billing and collections optimization, accounting staff training and securing partner participation in profitability improvement.  More...


Firms must be strategic, not reactive, to succeed in our post-recession world.  We can work with you to develop a unique strategy to grow your business profitably. More...

The Singular Importance of Implementation

Every consulting assignment starts when a law firm recognizes that they have a business problem. Frequently the firm then engages an experienced consultant to analyze the issues and develop solutions. After the consultant has studied the issues at the firm, he or she develops a series of recommendations for the client. Generally, firm management is dealing with a myriad of other critical issues and does not have time to immediately implement the recommendation, so not much implementation and change will occur on this business problem.

Upstream Consulting Group offers that critical implementation service and relieves firm management of this difficult task. Implementation requires action - reengineering of business processes and retraining and reorienting staff - for real change to happen. Upstream Consulting Group serves as an unbiased, experienced third party that is uniquely positioned to manage this change process and achieve positive results quickly. Find out more...


“I learned a great deal from Vincent, both in his strategic role and his financial role. Vincent's goal-oriented and innovative style distinguishes him from other law firm administrators. He is a forward-thinker and has an intelligent mind that has been the source of his success.”

JeanMarie Campbell
Client Relationship Executive
Ropes & Gray LLP

“...Vincent consistently exhibited unparalleled expertise in the field of business management and strong leadership. His ability to foresee trends in the legal industry significantly contributed to his effective management style, and helped provide steady guidance for those working with him.”

Marie-Alise Santini
Executive Director
Panitch Schwarze Belisario & Nadel LLP

“Vincent excelled in all the aspects of running a 200+ lawyer operation but will be most remembered for establishing clear and workable financial policies. Vincent led a team that had the right qualities to work with all of the partners which insured excellent results.”

Jim Leary
Chief Operating Officer

Dechert LLP