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Consulting Services

The Upstream Consulting Group provides law firms with customized solutions to today’s complex business problems. What differentiates us is our unique professional experience in both operations and finance and our disciplined focus on developing and implementing solutions for clients. The Upstream Consulting Group will implement these mutually agreed upon recommendations so that our client’s business processes change and improve quickly. The final step must always be change.

We offer executive level advice in the following three areas:

Administrative Consulting

  • Executive Director Advisory Services
  • "Change in Place"
  • Human Resources
    • Senior level recruiting
    • Team building and training
    • Human Capital management
    • Knowledge transfer
  • Moves & Construction
    • Project management – work with brokers, contractors, designers, movers
  • Office Services
    • Analysis of outsourcing/insourcing of services & implementation
  • Project Management
    • Work with administrative managers to improve their project management skills
  • Records
    • Identify third party vendors
    • Manage digitizing of records
    • Analysis of retention and destruction policies & implementation
  • Secretarial & Word Processing
    • Improvement of staffing models and ratios
    • Analysis of outsourcing/insourcing of services & implementation

Financial Consulting

  • Finance
  • Re-engineering & Workouts
    • Create financial re-engineering plan for firm’s business model creating stronger structures and systems to support future growth
  • Real Estate & Space Planning
    • Complete analysis of current space and costs, planning for future, site selection, and design process

Strategic Advice

  • Recruiting and Partner Search 
    • Design a customized search to find excellent candidates specifically for your firm
    • Research firm's culture and unique business needs before the search commences
    • Targeted approach limits financial risk when hiring lateral partners 
  • Firm Growth 
    • Assist in opening or growing existing presence in multiple locations
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
    • Develop and manage growth plans
    • Support productive integration
  • Outsourcing
    • Develop plan – selecting outsourcing vendor or build own captive center
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