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Change in Place Services for Law Firms

Every law firm needs to undergo change. It is a normal part of the growth process of every business. The best industry practice is for a firm to be constantly changing, primarily through the normal process of responding to client’s needs, changes in the market place and advances in technology.

Unfortunately, most law firms don’t change much primarily due to inertia or an active resistance to the change process. In law school, lawyers learn to be very risk adverse in protecting their clients’ interests. And they naturally carry this approach over to managing their own businesses. Eventually all firms reach a point when they need help in managing a change process – which is now more difficult and involves more variables because it has been postponed.

Upstream Consulting Group provides a unique service for firms in this situation. It is called “Change in Place”. We will provide you with a very experienced and professional legal administrator who will join you on a short term basis to help you manage the change process. This process gives you access to a level of legal management professionalism which is usually only available to large firms because of the cost.

Our approach is simple and straight forward. We will start by meeting with the partners and senior staff to do an assessment which will identify the specific issues facing your firm. We will then conduct an internal analysis which will lead to a consensus on what issues must be dealt with now. Once there is agreement, we will present a plan to implement the agreed upon changes. The plan may include: financial issues, including profitability improvement and billing and collections systems; structural and human capital changes including staffing models and ratio analysis; staff training and recruiting; and technology recommendations.

There are many benefits to your firm in using this approach, rather than a reactive and unstructured one. Over time, it is more effective to implement reasonable and well planned changes than to find yourself in an inevitable and unfortunate situation where you have to make rapid and unplanned changes because of intense financial or market pressures.

If this approach seems to make sense for your firm, then please contact me at 914 980-1474 to learn more about Change in Place by scheduling a confidential meeting.

Vincent M. Bell