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Executive Director Advisory Services

Are you a firm that has never had an experienced senior legal administrator or thought you could not afford one?

Small and mid-sized firms would benefit greatly from having a temporary Executive Director Advisor (EDA) with extensive large-firm legal management experience to create a new business model using best-in-class legal industry practices. Until now this type of high level executive may not have been an option for your firm because of the significant ongoing cost. But now you can have someone with this level of experience on a temporary basis to oversee a very cost effective review of your firm’s operations or even a complete reorganization.

This EDA would only be at your firm for a limited period of time. The two immediate short-term goals would be to improve your operations and procedures and to assist you in identifying and training a mid-level legal administrator who would be able to effectively maintain the new system. The Upstream EDA would focus on the profitability of the firm, emphasizing improved operations, improved lawyer productivity, billing and collections system optimization, cash flow, rationalized staffing, and expense control. When you invest in this approach, you will get a customized and detailed business plan which will show you how to apply the most efficient and successful industry practices in your firm. We offer a unique and cost effective management solution which will be implemented while we are there.

While putting these improved processes in place, we can help you design a customized position description reflecting the new business model and even be there to manage the training of your legal administrator. Lastly after we leave, we will continue to be available to coach your administrator.

If are interested in learning more about these services on a confidential basis, please call Vincent Bell at the Upstream Consulting Group - 914-980-1474.